BBB: 10 New Year’s resolutions for your small business

Scaling and sustainability will continue to be the main focus for any small business owner in 2023. There is a multitude of ways to go about achieving revenue growth, attracting top talent, instilling a healthy culture, delighting customers, and so much more. Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) is sharing the following tips to ensure your small business starts off on the right foot this year. Read more in the full article on

  1. Continue building a strong digital footprint  – A solid content marketing strategy that will help you create valuable content pieces will drive engagement and sales. Read BBB’s tips on improving your website.
  2. Promote your business consistently  – Find ways to creatively promote your business to stay top of mind for your target customers. Check out BBB’s tips on how you can expand your current offerings for growth.
  3. Personalize the entire buyer journey71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal, so offer products/services based on your customers’ purchase behavior.
  4. Embrace an effective technology stack – From social media to email marketing, every piece of technology you leverage to communicate with your customers must effectively impact your business goals. More specifically, here are five tips your business can start using today.
  5. Reduce costs – Here’s how small businesses can cut costs without sacrificing growth.
  6. Have a positive workplace culture – Your employees are the lifeblood of your company, and 94% of executives stated that distinct business culture is important to business success.
  7. Push customer reviews – Reputation can mean everything, especially for a small business owner trying to attract and retain customers. Approximately 81% of consumers say that they must trust a brand before buying a product or service.
  8. Exercise transparency – Operating with transparency builds authentic relationships that turn curious browsers into buyers, and buyers into raving fans.
  9. Be purpose-driven – By understanding what is most important to your customers, you can leverage their values and use your platform to make a larger impact over just making sales, and 66% of consumers are willing to switch from their regular product to a new one for a purpose-driven company.  Verify your social impact by applying for BBB4Good, a new program designed to elevate purpose-driven businesses.
  10. Establish trust – Trust and transparency matter more now than ever before. In a market saturated with companies competing for customers, BBB Accreditation gives consumers confidence that they are dealing with an ethical and vetted business. See the BBB Advantage.

Reprinted by permission of the Better Business Bureau, © 2023.