Churches “Praying” for Resolution: Claim to Have Lost Thousands to Custom Church Interiors, LLC

Churches “Praying” for Resolution

Claim to Have Lost Thousands to Custom Church Interiors, LLC

(Lake Havasu City, AZ – January 25, 2017) Churches in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Oregon and Texas report losing more than $250,000 collectively after ordering pews, chairs, carpet, and other items and services from Phoenix-based Custom Church Interiors, LLC.

Better Business Bureau Serving Central, Northern and Western Arizona (BBB) has received 12 complaints against Custom Church Interiors, LLC. According to complaints, Custom Church Interiors, LLC failed to deliver products and/or complete projects after collecting deposits ranging from $8,000 to $110,000.

Complaints received by BBB claim the company was initially responsive when first contacted by church representatives to inquire about products and services – and in other contact leading to contract signing and deposit collection. However, after contracts were signed and deposits were collected, complainants allege Custom Church Interiors, LLC became hard to reach, and in many cases, didn’t return phone calls or emails about pending orders. Complainants further alleged when successful in contacting Custom Church Interiors, refunds promised were not received.

“Our church ordered chairs in April with an expected delivery date of June,” stated a complainant. “Gave him a deposit of $10K. Started calling in June, July, August with numerous calls left on his cell and office number, with not one return(ed) call at all. Stopped by the office…and he said there was no chance he could deliver on the chairs and would refund our money. Gave his word he would call me on Monday with a payment plan. No call from him, and again left numerous calls and texts to his numbers.”

BBB attempted to contact the company numerous times to address the pattern of complaints. At the time of this release, the company’s website ( was inactive, phone numbers appeared to be disconnected, and Custom Church Interiors, LLC had not responded to BBB’s requests for information concerning consumer complaints. The company has earned an “F” rating with BBB for failure to respond to 12 complaints and failure to resolve the underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.