Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster Presented A Lifesaving Award To Sherry King


On Monday (7/2), Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster presented a Lifesaving Award to Sherry King, a 70 year old Littlefield, AZ resident. King is being credited with saving the life of a Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Deputy on April 27, 2018. On that day, while a suspect was being restrained, a struggle ensued with the deputy. During the struggle, the suspect was able to take possession of the deputy’s taser, but was not able to deploy it. The suspect then began reaching for the deputy’s weapon, when King jumped in and attempted to assist the deputy, but was assaulted and shoved away by the suspect. King then fired a warning shot from her own weapon, and the suspect fled the scene on foot. After the award was presented, King received a standing ovation from all in attendance. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office wants to express our gratitude to Sherry King for her quick thinking and courageous actions, which ultimately saved the life of a young deputy.

Volunteer Posse Graduates – Kingman


On Wednesday (6/27), Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster congratulated and swore in Sheriff’s Volunteer Posse members. The graduates completed a volunteer training academy held at the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Doug Schuster swore in 8 new graduates; Kevin Curran, Cheri Williams, Kiara Sanchez, Dennis Rogers, Ralph McKie, Richard Terrien, Steve Kaminski, and William Gleason. The academy participants underwent a 32 hour class, and after graduating, volunteers will complete 40 additional training hours in the field with Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Posse Field Training Officers.

Class participants attended Defensive Driving courses as well as attending prisoner restraint and transport classes. Volunteers are utilized in many areas such as; boating safety, community policing and crime prevention, animal control, computer data entry, dispatch operations, corrections and prisoner
transportation, record keeping and research, radio communications, and neighborhood safety patrols. Anyone interested should contact their local Mohave County Sheriff’s Office to pick-up an application, or contact Sergeant Kyler Cox at (928) 453-0745.

From left to right: Kevin Curran, Cheri Williams, Kiara Sanchez, Dennis Rogers, Ralph McKie, Richard Terrien, Steve Kaminski, William Gleason, and Sheriff Doug Schuster.

Boating Safety At School

September 29, 2017


Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Division of Boating Safety was invited to speak with the school children at Havasu Preparatory Academy in Lake Havasu City on Thursday (9/28).  Deputies spoke to 28 kindergartners and 32 of their 6th grade reading buddies about Boating Safety, and especially, wearing a life jacket!  The students had a great time playing with the SCUBA dive gear, along with exploring a Patrol boat, Patrol cars, and a patrol truck.