Classical Magnet School Program Survey

Dear Community of Lake Havasu City.

As all of you are aware, our community has great schools, both public and private, that offer many options for our students.

LHUSD is interested in providing opportunities to meet all of the needs and interests of our citizens.  One of the most sought after options, often available only in large metropolitan areas, is a “Classical” school.  Classical education is focused on virtue, wisdom, and knowledge, using the great books and primary sources in a more traditional model.  Classical schools often are based on the Trivium, which has three stages: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

We have been discussing the option of opening a “Classical” magnet school/program.  But first, it is important to know if there is an interest among our community, especially those with children.

Below is the link to a survey regarding the establishment of a classical magnet school/program.  I would truly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to review and complete the survey, as we want to invest our planning time wisely.  Your honest feedback will be invaluable.

Survey link:


Diana M. Asseier