Memorial Day Weekend Boating Statistics




The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office saw a sharp increase in boating traffic and boating related violations during the Memorial Day Weekend 2018. During the weekend, our Deputies made 9 Operating under the Influence arrest, one of which was investigated during a boat crash. This number is more than double from years past. Our deputies also made twice as many watercraft contacts as years prior. This is a direct sign of the increase in the boating traffic on Lake Havasu and the Colorado River. With this clear increase, we would like to remind boaters to Boat Safe, Boat Smart, Boat Sober, and Wear a Life Jacket!

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Division of Boating Safety handled the following incidents during the 2018 Memorial Day Weekend on Lake Havasu and the Colorado River:

Boater Assists: 26
Disturbances: 1
Agency Assists: 4
Medical: 2
Non-Injury Boat Crash: 3
Injury Boat Crash: 0

The Division of Boating Safety also made the following Contacts:

Compliance / Safety Checks: 236
Operating Under The Influence Arrests: 9
Personal Flotation Device Violation Citations: 7
Transom, Bow Riding, Reckless Operation Criminal Citations: 19
Other Citations: 13
Boating Violation Warnings: 260