Havasu Pioneers Radio Show

Hosted by Dan Delasantos 

“Havasu Pioneers Radio Show” airs on the first Wednesday of each month during Speak Out at 11am Arizona time. The show’s archives are listed below. Learn some interesting history about our great city and enjoy!!


MARCH 1, 2023 – Havasu Pioneers #43 (Former KFWB Radio Personality Randy Scarborough, son of Pioneers Mel and Wanda)


FEBRUARY 1, 2023 – Havasu Pioneers #42 (Former Havasu Herald Production Manager Corinne Wise and daughter Lisa Wise)


JANUARY 4, 2023 – Havasu Pioneers #41 (The story behind McCulloch Air)


DECEMBER 7, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #40 (LHHS football coaches Dean Neilson [1972 – ’74] and Karl Thompson [2008 – present])


NOVEMBER 2, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #39 (Guest: Pastor Tom Malay, plus interviews from the Lake Havasu Museum of History’s “Procrastinator’s Day” event in October.)


OCTOBER 5, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #38 (Guests: Tim Seebold from the Lake Havasu Classic Outboard Championships: Emcee Mike Carr, Beard and Mustache Contest)


SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #37 (Guest: Floyd Hamilton – Part 1)


AUGUST 3, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #36* (Legendary Speed Waterskier Glen Dryden)
* First 10 minutes is a Primary Election Recap with Mohave Co. Communications Dir. Roger Galloway


JULY 6, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #35 (former Lake Havasu City Mayor Chuck Langerveld with co-host and author Buck Dopp)


JUNE 1, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #34 (“Kids on the Colorado River” project with sponsor Mike Peters, participants Landen Musselman, Emma Trejo and Thunderbolt MS Principal Gordy Hall and Thunderbolt MS teacher Diana Barkett)


MAY 4, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #33 (Published author Buck Dopp of Lake Havasu City)


APRIL 6, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #32 (1972 Arizona State Champion basketball team members from Lake Havasu High School: Jeff Collins, Doug Pehling, and Asst Coach Dave Bracamonte; Mike Peters, co-founder “Kids on the Colorado River” program)


MARCH 2, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #31 (Lake Havasu Visitors Center Manager Jan Kassies and the history behind the English Village)


FEBRUARY 2, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #30 (Pastor Richard Tatham and daughter Debbie Tatham-Ecklebarger; Havasu Domes, KNLB Christian Radio origins)


JANUARY 5, 2022 – Havasu Pioneers #29 (Tribute to Butch Wood, with Missy Wood, Julie Marshall-Wood and Ashley Wood)


DECEMBER 1, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #28* (Jim Day, Lake Havasu Balloon Festival & Fair; updates on Dixie Belle and Parade of Lights)      *missing first 5 minutes


NOVEMBER 3, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #27 (Dixie Belle Owner Keith Fernung & 1963 Pioneer Michelle Royal)


OCTOBER 6, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #26 (Country Thunder Interview + Powerboat Race Promoter Tim Siebold, Havasu Museum Executive Dir. Hanna Rangel, Dixie Belle Owner Keith Fernung)


SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #25 (Remembering “Havasu” in 1963, when it was called Site 6, with Pioneer Bruce Haught)


SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #24 (with Michael McCulloch, grandson of Robert P. McCulloch, discussing original dedication of the London Bridge and the Golden Anniversary Celebration in October 2021)


AUGUST 20, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #23 (Special Edition, with Linda Monteleone-Coll and son Harold Monteleone. Features Linda’s appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” in 1973.)


AUGUST 4, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #22 (Life before the London Bridge with Norma Tipton-Grzesiowski and Benny Santo Pietro)


JULY 7, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #21 (Original London Bridge construction crew members, Foreman Norm Baer and stone mason Roy Martin)

JUNE 2, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #20 (London Bridge Builder Wayne Adamson; KFWJ news anchor and longtime resident Jim Rosensweet)

MAY 5, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #19 (Powerboat Racing Legends Mike and Tim Seebold)

APRIL 7, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #18 (Videographers Casey & Cheryl Lee, Havasu Museum of History)

MARCH 3, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #17 (Dixie Belle Tribute with original owner Todd Miller, new owner Keith Fernung, Captain Wally and Captain Debbie)


FEBRUARY 3, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #16 (McCulloch Workers’ Reunion; Lake Havasu Museum of History News and Updates)


JANUARY 6, 2021 – Havasu Pioneers #15 (Havasu Freedom Foundation Update, Dixie Belle Update)


DECEMBER 2, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #14 (Havasu Celebrities, Movies Shot In Havasu)


NOVEMBER 4, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #13 (Bob Childress, Luann Stryhly)


OCTOBER 7, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #12 (Chemehuevi Tribal History, Cultural Center, Native American Land Conservancy)


SEPTEMBER  2, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #11 (LHC Waterski Team; Bobby Armstrong Tribute)


AUGUST 5, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #10 (Boating in Havasu part 1, Dixie Belle Update)


JULY 1, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #9 (LHHS Coaches Pat Rooney and Dean Nielsen)


JUNE 3, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #8 (Gary Kellogg, Lee Shoblom)


MAY 6, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #7 (London Bridge origins, Classic Storm of ’74)


March 4, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #6 (London Bridge Days, Havasu Landing history)


February 5, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #5 (Dixie Belle and London Bridge origins)


January 8, 2020 – Havasu Pioneers #4


October 2, 2019 – Havasu Pioneers #3


September 4, 2019 – Havasu Pioneers #2

August 7 – Premiere Show


When his parent’s role in the Apollo Space program was completed, Dan Delasantos and family moved to Lake Havasu City from Southern California in January 1971, where Dan attended grade school and graduated from LHHS in 1976. With vibrant imaginations, Dan and friends built the Big “N” Crooked homemade houseboat in high school, which became a local icon on the river with its working smokestacks, fireplace, ornamental antlers and lantern lighting. A replica now resides in the Lake Havasu City Museum of History.

Dan’s local work portfolio included companies such as Campbell Boat Company and Citizen’s Utilities Engineering Department until 1985. He relocated to experience his cultural background in Hawai’i for 10 years where he met his wife Mary, the love of his life, and began a career in telecommunications. To continue his corporate telecommunications career, they moved to Colorado to work for ConferTech International, the company that invented the “Conference Call” connecting as many as 6,000 people in one conference. While there, they adopted and raised their children Kim & Kimo Keliiheleua-Delasantos.

Although Dan was living out of town, he continued to spend several weeks each year in Lake Havasu at the family home staying in touch with hundreds of local Havasu Pioneers and residents collecting historic information along the way. Dan went on to write for two national off-road publications, work with the Forest Service, BLM, Colorado State OHV Grant Review Board, and with their kids grown and moved out on their own, Dan and Mary moved back to Lake Havasu in 2016.

Today, Dan continues to maintain his 48-year relationship with the community, write for two well-known OHV and boat publications, owns and operates IVID Technologies, donates his time to Mohave County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and hosts the New Havasu Pioneer Radio Show.