Lake Havasu High School Youth Court receives $3700 from Radio Central.

Turn Old Fridge Into Extra Money & Energy Savings

KNTR Talk Summer Cash Winner July 6th!

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Lake Havasu High School Youth Court receives $3700 from Radio Central.

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Pictured Left to Right: Bill Young, Advisor to LHHS Youth Court, Logan Johnson; President of LHHS Youth Court, and Traceye Jones; General Manager Radio Central


Lake Havasu High School Youth Court receives $3700 from Radio Central.  These monies were raised from the Great Race Fundraiser in cooperation with Radio Central.  LHHS Youth Court actively raises money throughout the year to help with costs for regional, state, national competitions and the cost of club activity.  LHHS Youth Court is a club with Lake Havasu High School in conjunction with Mohave County Probation.

The idea for Teen Court originated in Odessa, Texas in 1972 when a judge decided to implement a program to try and reach first-time offenders of misdemeanor offenses. The program proved to be successful and began spreading throughout the United States based on the Texas model.

To be eligible for Teen Court, the juvenile must be between the ages of 14-17. Each teen must admit guilt to the offense for which they have been charged. They must also be willing to complete the consequences assigned by the jury. All participants in the courtroom are teens except for the judge. Teen Court works because teens are judging other teens.  With Teen Court, positive peer pressure is the underlying motivational factor.

The most common offenses referred to Teen Court are: shoplifting, criminal trespass, theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, minor consumption of alcohol.

Consequences imposed by Teen Court include: Community Restitution Service, essays, counseling, jury duty, Life Skills, classes, monetary fines, apology letters, tours of detention, education programs such as “Stoplifting” and “Marijuana 101″.

In 2012, 62 youth participated in our local Teen Court in Lake Havasu City.

Teen Court is held twice a month in the evenings and is coordinated by Bill Young in Lake Havasu City. For more information, you may contact Tara Newman, Deputy Probation Officer Senior of Mohave County Probation Department.


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Turn Old Fridge Into Extra Money & Energy Savings

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Turn Old  Fridge Into Extra Money & Energy Savings


Hanging on to an old, outdated refrigerator costs you money through higher energy-usage. If you upgrade to an energy-efficient model, you can save that money and UniSource Energy Services will give you a $50 rebate check for having the old fridge picked up at your home for recycling.

This convenient and free service from UES benefits customers on many levels, and there is no work involved beyond scheduling an appointment.

Call 1-855-559-2524 or visit uesaz.com/recycle to schedule a convenient time for a crew to visit your home and haul away a working, old refrigerator or freezer for recycling at no cost to you.  A rebate check for $50 will be mailed within six weeks. Meanwhile, instead of costing you money, your old refrigerator or freezer will be converted into recyclable materials by JACO Environmental.

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KNTR Talk Summer Cash Winner July 6th!

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Left: Wendy Lockman (Mohave County Pools and Spas); Right: Winner Cory Pangallo


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Program Schedule

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Doug Stephan 1am - 6am

Doug Stephan 1am – 6am
Call in #:888-302-3684


Brian Kilmeade & Friends 7am to10am

Brian Kilmeade 6am – 9am
Call in #:888-788-9910


John Gibson 9am to 11am

John Gibson 9am-11am
Call in #:888-788-9910


Sean Hannity 2pm to 4pm

Sean Hannity 1pm – 3pm
Call in #:800-941-7326


Mark Levin 4pm to 7pm

Mark Levin 3pm – 6pm
Call in #:877-381-3811


Chad Benson 6pm to 7pm

Chad Benson 6pm – 7pm


Dave Ramsey 8pm to 11pm

Dave Ramsey 7pm – 10pm
Call in #:888-825-5225


Jim Bohannon 11pm to 2am

Jim Bohannon 10pm – 12am


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The Twilight Zone

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Every Sunday Night – 7-8 PM
Travel to Another Dimension
Tune In To KNTR 106.3 FM To Listen To
The Twilight Zone

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