Free Pancake Breakfast & Day of Veteran Services

Thank you to our law enforcement

Christmas Cash Winner!


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“In Lake Havasu City, we come together as a community for one of our own. Many people know long-time resident and beloved community member Kevin Shephardson. Kevin and the Shephardson family need our help.

Kevin suffered a major heart attack on New Years Eve and has been in Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas since then. His family is seeking to bring Kevin back to the Phoenix area to be close to the family where they can be of the best support.

Unfortunately insurance does not cover the transport, and we are looking for community support and donations to make it possible for Kevin to be with his family. <span style=”font-family: inherit; font-style: inherit; font-weight: inherit;”>Kevin would do it for any one of us.</span>

His children have set up a Go Fund Me account for people to contribute in order to help bring him back to his family. Please donate if you can, and share this message with your family and friends.
Go to <a href=”http://gofundme.com/k5yn3w” target=”_blank”>gofundme.com/k5yn3w</a>.

If you would like to make a donation and cannot do it on line please make donations to Sunrise Rotary and bring to Printing Plus, 2069 McCulloch Boulevard, Suite1, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 or Call Michelle Pounders at Printing Plus, 855-7587 if you need assistance”

office @ January 15, 2015

Free Pancake Breakfast & Day of Veteran Services

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office @ January 9, 2015

Thank you to our law enforcement

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Mohave Silent Witness members would like to take this time to say a well-deserved thank you to all of our law enforcement; city, county and state for the exceptional work they do not only in keeping us safe but also in assisting citizens in need.  They see things throughout their career that none of us see in a lifetime so please cut them a little slack.

Without their presence, chaos and disorder would reign. Citizens would not be safe out doing their everyday errands or even in their own home. Everyone certainly owes our law enforcement a debt of gratitude for the many things they do that go unknown to the general public.

We would also like to say thank you to the families of the officers as every day they live with the knowledge that their loved one may not return home from their job doing their duty.

So please, if you see an officer, give them a friendly wave or smile. It will brighten their day.

office @ January 7, 2015

Christmas Cash Winner!

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Winner Dennis from Ills Brothers Furniture

Winner Dennis from Mills Brothers Furniture

office @ December 26, 2014

December 5th Christmas Cash Winner!

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JoAnn St.Germain was the December 5th KNTR Talk Christmas Cash Winner from Mills Brother’s Furniture.


office @ December 11, 2014

Program Schedule

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Dennis Miller  10am to 12pm

Dennis Miller 10am-12pm


Sean Hannity 2pm to 4pm

Sean Hannity 2pm – 4pm


Mark Levin 4pm to 7pm

Mark Levin 4pm – 7pm


Roger Hedgecock 7pm to 8pm

Roger Hedgecock 7pm – 8pm
You can find archives from Roger Hedgecock’s show here



Dave Ramsey 8pm to 11pm

Dave Ramsey 8pm – 11pm


Jim Bohannon 11pm to 2am

Jim Bohannon 11pm – 2am


office @ February 7, 2014

The Twilight Zone

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Every Sunday Night – 7-8 PM
Travel to Another Dimension
Tune In To KNTR 106.3 FM To Listen To
The Twilight Zone

office @ February 21, 2013