Program Schedule

The Twilight Zone

Program Schedule

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Doug Stephan 1am - 6am

Doug Stephan 1am – 6am


Brian Kilmeade & Friends 7am to10am

Brian Kilmeade 6am – 9am


John Gibson 9am to 11am

John Gibson 9am-11am


Sean Hannity 2pm to 4pm

Sean Hannity 1pm – 3pm


Mark Levin 4pm to 7pm

Mark Levin 3pm – 6pm


Chad Benson 6pm to 7pm

Chad Benson 6pm – 7pm


Dave Ramsey 8pm to 11pm

Dave Ramsey 7pm – 10pm


Jim Bohannon 11pm to 2am

Jim Bohannon 10pm – 12am


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The Twilight Zone

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Every Sunday Night – 7-8 PM
Travel to Another Dimension
Tune In To KNTR 106.3 FM To Listen To
The Twilight Zone

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