Annual Christmas Tree Lane Home Display Tour Registration

Be a part of this year’s Christmas tree lane home display Tour! Register your address so the entire community can drive past to admire your Christmas display and say “Thank you” for the time and effort you spent decorating your home.

This year your display will be judged by the London Bridge Resort and your chance to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place based on décor. Prizes include a Staycation at the London Bridge Resort and dinner certificates at Martini Bay.

Registration Deadline is December

1, 2017. Name, addresses, also a map will be published in the local newspaper, the White Sheet, KJJJ, KNTR Talk, and KNTR Sports websites by December 15th. Decorations must be displayed December 10 – December 31, 2017. Contact Radio Central for more details at 928-855-9336.

Click the link below to sign up and email the completed form to

Annual Christmas Tree Lane ENTRY 2017

2017 Thanksgiving Day Charity Event








Thanksgiving Day Charity Event

The Golden Corral is teaming up with The Anonymous Angels Society this Thanksgiving to provide meals for people who come into the Golden Corral on Thanksgiving Day. Your donation, of even just $1, will provide a meal for someone who doesn’t have a place to go on Thanksgiving Day, or for a family who can’t afford to purchase a meal themselves. We hope that you find it in your heart to donate today when you pay for your meal. Thank you and God Bless!

The Golden Corral and The Anonymous Angels Society

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame to Induct A New Class of 24 Veterans in Ceremonies on October 27, 2017

The annual Induction Ceremony of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame will take place on Friday, October 27th, from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Talking Stick Resort Conference Center, 9800 E. Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85256.  Doors open at 11:00 a.m.  The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame is sponsored and administered by the Unified Arizona Veterans, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona,  The Induction Ceremony recognizes and honors Arizona veterans who have honorably served their country and who continue to serve and inspire their fellow American citizens with civic deeds and accomplishments outside their military service, including Arizona Medal of Honor Recipients recognized for valor in action against enemy forces in wartime.  The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame is recognized by the Governor of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, and supported by the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society.  This will be the 17th class of veterans inducted since the inception of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame in 2001.

This year’s Induction Ceremony will recognize the Class of 2017:

  • Jose L. Baeza, Hereford, Marine Corps veteran
  • Harry H. Bailey, Jr., Phoenix, Air Force veteran
  • Harvey A. Bershader, Sedona, Army veteran
  • Harry E. Bowen, Sr., Sierra Vista, Army veteran
  • John L. Chase, Scottsdale, Navy veteran
  • Eugene C. Crego, Mesa, Marine Corps veteran
  • Helene F. Culin, Sun City, Army veteran
  • Robert Dalpe, Chandler, Air Force veteran
  • Mark Field, Surprise, Navy veteran
  • John B. Fontana, Scottsdale, Navy veteran
  • John H. Fuller, Jr., Mesa, Air Force veteran
  • Kevin W. Haegele, Phoenix, Navy veteran
  • Anthony Irby, El Mirage, Army veteran
  • Andrew R. Jones, Chandler, Marine Corps veteran
  • Mitchell D.K. Kalauli II, Lake Havasu City, Army veteran
  • Christine M. Mahon, Phoenix, Army veteran
  • Brian S. Mancini, Surprise, Army veteran, posthumous
  • Darrell D. Mandrell, Chandler, Army veteran
  • Edmund L. Mangan III, Phoenix, Air Force veteran
  • Roy A. McClymonds, Mesa, Air Force veteran
  • Donald L. Price, Sierra Vista, Marine Corps veteran
  • Michael W. Roberts, Sierra Vista, Army veteran
  • Allen F. Rossow, Sierra Vista, Army veteran
  • Lewis E. Wood, Sr., Glendale, Army veteran

Veterans, military, and the public are invited to the Induction Ceremony, which includes lunch.  The lunch entrée is Herb Roasted Chicken.  Special dietary needs such as requests for vegetarian meals will be accommodated.

Registration Information:  Registration information is now available at the Unified Arizona Veterans website,  Please download/print the Registration Form, fill it out, and mail the Registration Form and your check or money order payable to “UAV” to:  UAV, P.O. Box 34338, Phoenix, AZ 85067, Attn: Treasurer.

The “Early Bird” cost is $55 per person until September 30, 2017.  From October 1st to October 13th, the lunch cost changes to $65.  Registrations with payment must be received in the UAV post office box by September 30th, and October 13th, respectively.

Veterans and the public who do not have access to the Registration form on the website, please contact Carol Culbertson, Secretary, telephone 602.799.9480 cell, to have the form mailed to you.  The final Registration due date is October 13, 2017.  Only registered guests will be allowed to attend the Induction Ceremony and lunch.  All lunches are pre-paid; lunches will not be sold at the

Induction Ceremony event.  For general information about the Induction Ceremony and luncheon, please contact Carol Culbertson, Secretary, Unified Arizona Veterans, at email:,  telephone 602.799.9480 cell; or Reggie Yates, Chair, Unified Arizona Veterans, at email:, telephone 602.373.0703 cell.

Points of Contact: Carol Culbertson, Secretary, Unified Arizona Veterans,, 602.799.9480 cell; or Reggie Yates, Chair, Unified Arizona Veterans,, 602.373.0703 cell.

Don’t Let an Eclipse Blind You to Scams

(Lake Havasu City, AZ – August 16, 2017) For the first time since June 1918 a total solar eclipse will be visible from coast to coast in the United States, travelling across the nation from Oregon to South Carolina on August 21, 2017. People will be able to observe via television, telescopes, or their own eyes; however, big events also mean big opportunities for scammers and unethical businesses. Better Business Bureau (BBB) reminds everyone the importance of planning carefully and trusting your instincts.

Be on the lookout for the following scams as you get ready for the eclipse:

Counterfeit Eclipse Glasses

Never look directly at the sun. To view the eclipse without damage to your eyes, use solar filter glasses. While sunglasses block about 50 percent of the sun’s rays, solar filter glasses block more than 99.99 percent. Unfortunately, many solar glasses available online may be fake or do not meet safety specifications. Your best bet is to stick with a brand certified by NASA or the American Astronomical Society (AAS) – for a list of reputable vendors visit

Additional tips for safe viewing:

  • Regular sunglasses, even very dark sunglasses, are not enough.
  • Warn children of the danger of viewing the eclipse without protective eyewear.
  • Do not observe the eclipse through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars, or other optical device.
  • Read more about viewing the solar eclipse safely at

Accommodation Scams

If looking for a place to stay during the eclipse, be careful when booking online through a third-party site. Check with to see what previous customers have to say about their experience. Don’t deal with anyone who asks for payment outside the website’s approved options, and ask for a confirmation number or email. Always double check that a listing is on the real website and emails are coming from official addresses. Using a credit card offers the best fraud protection.

There have been reports of travelers who booked hotels for the eclipse long in advance (before it was widely publicized) only to see their reservations canceled or moved to hotels far from viewing spots. Some of the original rooms are then offered again at a much higher rate. If you are travelling out of town for the eclipse and have a hotel booked, double-check your reservations before heading out.

Event Scams

Cities across the path of totality are offering free and/or VIP viewing parties. Scammers may set up fake events online or through social media and charge people for access to what should be a free event. NASA has information on many events at

Bus Scams

Traffic will likely be very heavy on any road between a major city and the eclipse path. A bus might sound like great option, but be careful you don’t make a reservation only to end up without transportation. Make sure you deal directly with a bus or limo company to avoid scammers using a legitimate business as a front. Go to to look for Accredited Businesses and read reviews and complaints before you book.

This month’s eclipse may be a rare chance to see an extraordinary astronomical event right in your backyard. That urgency and unique opportunity are what can make scams successful. Remember to do your research and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are the victim of a scam related to the eclipse, go to to file a scam report.


For more information or to schedule an interview with a BBB spokesperson, please contact Elaine Cullen at 928-302-3701 or

About Better Business Bureau Serving Central, Northern & Western Arizona

For more than 100 years, Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been helping people find businesses, brands and charities they can trust. In 2016, people turned to BBB more than 167 million times for BBB Business Profiles on more than 5.2 million businesses and Charity Reports on 11,000 charities – all available for free at  Incorporated locally in 1938, BBB Serving Central, Northern and Western Arizona covers 10 counties through its campuses in Phoenix, Lake Havasu City, Prescott and Yuma supported by over 11,600 BBB Accredited Businesses. Businesses that earn BBB Accreditation contractually agree and adhere to high standards of ethical business practices. BBB provides objective advice, free business and charity profiles, and educational information on topics affecting marketplace trust.
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BBB’s Ethical Athlete Scholarships

Being a great athlete isn’t just about running the fastest or jumping the highest. It’s also about doing the right thing. That’s why Better Business Bureau (BBB) has partnered with Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) to recognize Arizona high school athletes whose ethics standout to coaches, teammates, and fans. Do you know an athlete that does the right thing on and off the field? Nominate them today we’re at BBB ethical athlete’s scholarship, click here to see more details.

The Better Business Bureau has partnered with Isagenix to recognize high school athletes doing the right thing on and off the court. Two athletes are chosen each month during the school year. Each month a $1,000 scholarship is issued to one male and one female. Then, all the winners during the school year are eligible for the “Ethical Champion” at the end of the school year and two of our winners (again, one male, one female) will receive an additional $2,500 scholarship.

Do you know the next the winner? We’ve already had three winners in Mohave County – two from Mohave High School and one from Lake Havasu High School and hopefully more to come!