KNTR Talk Summer Cash Winner July 6th!

71st Annual Mohave County Republican Picnic

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KNTR Talk Summer Cash Winner July 6th!

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Left: Wendy Lockman (Mohave County Pools and Spas); Right: Winner Cory Pangallo


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71st Annual Mohave County Republican Picnic

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We are having our 71st annual picnic in the beautiful and cool Hualapai Mountains by Kingman on Saturday, Aug.. 15 from 10 AM TO 4 PM. The cost is only $20 for a great day in the mountains with friends. We also have raffle tickets for an AR 15 at $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. Exercise your 2nd amendment rights with a great weapon. Would it be possible to announce it on your show and also add it to your web site.

 Besides having our normal cadre of AZ elected officials, we are having a solid conservative from the great state of Texas as our keynote speaker. As you know Texas has snubbed  the Federal Common Core program.

 Texas is the 12th largest economy in the WORLD. It is amazing what a state can do when it tells the Feds to keep their nose out of their business.  Below is a picture of our keynote speaker and some info on how he got elected to Congress.

Rep. Louie Gohmert - U.S. House of Representatives - R District 1

Rep. Louie Gohmert – U.S. House of Representatives – R District 1


A mid-decade redistricting made the 1st District significantly more Republican than its predecessor. Tyler, which had long anchored the 4th District, was shifted to the 1st District. In the 2004 Republican primary, Gohmert defeated State Representative Wayne Christian of Center, Texas. He then defeated Democratic incumbent 1st District Congressman Max Sandlin with 61 percent of the vote, becoming the first Republican since Reconstruction to represent northeast Texas.[citation needed]

Gohmert has never faced another contest even that close, and has been reelected five times. In 2006, he won his second term by defeating Democrat Roger L. Owen, a swimming pool builder from Hallsville, Texas. He faced no major party opposition in 2008 (facing only an independent) and 2010 (facing only a Libertarian).

In November 2012, Gohmert was elected to his fifth term with 182,621 votes (71.7 percent) to Democrat Shirley J. McKellar’s 67,758 (26.6 percent).

For tickets and more details, please call Republican Headquarters, Tuesday thru Thursday 9 AM to NOON at 928-855-8006 or Bill McMahon at 908-347-7929.

office @ July 15, 2015

Program Schedule

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Doug Stephan 1am - 6am

Doug Stephan 1am – 6am
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Brian Kilmeade & Friends 7am to10am

Brian Kilmeade 6am – 9am
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John Gibson 9am to 11am

John Gibson 9am-11am
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Sean Hannity 2pm to 4pm

Sean Hannity 1pm – 3pm
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Mark Levin 4pm to 7pm

Mark Levin 3pm – 6pm
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Chad Benson 6pm to 7pm

Chad Benson 6pm – 7pm


Dave Ramsey 8pm to 11pm

Dave Ramsey 7pm – 10pm
Call in #:888-825-5225


Jim Bohannon 11pm to 2am

Jim Bohannon 10pm – 12am


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The Twilight Zone

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