Program Schedule

Doug Stephan 1am – 6am

Brian Kilmeade 6am – 9am

John Gibson 9am – 11pm

Speak Out 11pm – 12pm

Sean Hannity 12pm – 3pm

Mark Levin 3pm – 6pm

Chad Benson 6pm – 7pm

Dave Ramsey 7pm – 10pm

Jim Bohannon 10pm – 12am


KNTR Weekend Programming


12AM-1AM: Tee it Up! With Keith Jones

1AM-2AM: When Radio Was

2AM-3AM: Made In America

3AM-5AM: Business Rockstars

6AM-7AM: Good Day Health with Doug and Dr. Ken

7AM-10AM: The Drive with Alan Taylor

10AM-1PM: The Chad Benson Show

1PM-2PM: Popular Science

2PM-4PM: Think America

4M-5PM: American Outdoorsman

5PM-6PM: Made In America

6PM-8PM: Men’s Health Live

8PM-9PM: The Good Life Revolution with Jesse Dylan

9PM-10PM: Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman

10PM-11PM: Intelligent Medicine with Dr. Hoffman

11PM-12AM: The American Family Farmer Show


12AM-1AM: Veterans Chronicles

1AM-3AM: The Talkradio Count Down Show with Doug Stephan

3AM-5AM: The Drive with Alan Taylor

5AM-6AM: Executive Leaders Radio

6AM-8AM: The Dr. Bob Martin Show

8AM-10AM: Think America

10AM-12PM: The Money Pit

12PM-1PM: Steve Dale’s Pet World

1PM-2PM: Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman

2PM-3PM: America’s Health Care Advocate

3PM-4PM: Liberty Nation

4PM-5PM: An Economy of One

5PM-6PM: The National Defense

6PM-7PM: Mom Talk Radio

7PM-8PM: Life As You Own It

8PM-9PM: The Twilight Zone

9PM-11PM: Doing What Works

11PM-12AM: What’s Cooking Today