Scholarship Recognizes Ethical Behaviors

Students have navigated immense change during the past year. Many work hard to stay on top of their studies in school and those who unexpectedly shifted to online learning may find it more challenging. These ethical behaviors often go unnoticed, but should be recognized to inspire others to do the right thing. The Ethical Torch Essay Scholarship does just that.

Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) encourages integrity and ethical behavior in the community, and the BBB Ethical Torch Essay helps students recognize these actions at an early age. This scholarship honors students who have chosen ethics and integrity when faced with a dilemma.

“Ethics is doing the right thing even though no one is looking or if there are consequences for speaking up. By promoting trust and ethical conduct with students, they will be able to model that behavior when they enter the workforce,” shared Faustine Chan, Director of Business and Community Programs. The program aligns with BBB’s Annual Torch Awards for Ethics which celebrates companies for upholding outstanding integrity throughout their business operations.

Students are invited to write a 400 word essay on “The Importance of Ethics and Integrity in our Community”. The essay challenges students to dive into inner-conflict while describing resolution tactics for their unique encounters with ethics and integrity. High school students in Greater AZ are eligible to apply and five winners will each be awarded $500-$1,500 in scholarships to be used for college tuition and expenses.
To submit an application or to learn more, visit Submissions are accepted now through October 10, 2021; winners will be announced at BBB’s Torch Awards for Ethics celebration in the fall and on the website.


BBB encourages businesses to operate with integrity, and helps consumers make wise marketplace decisions. Our innovative approach to business growth provides the tools that companies and entrepreneurs need to build better businesses. Become BBB Accredited and join our mission to create a community of trust.

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BBB Business Tip:

5 consumer trends businesses should follow in 2021

(Phoenix, AZ – January 7, 2021) – As a new year approaches, we tend to look back at our previous year — and this one has been a doozy. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the businesses that are able to quickly adapt to the changing times are able to thrive. It’s about taking lemons and making lemonade — despite the difficult circumstances, you need to see what you have to offer, what your customers need, and find where the two intersect. Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) shares these 5 tips of consumer trends for businesses to take into consideration as they plan for a new year. For the full article, please visit

1. Focus on Health and Safety

This year, the world was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and health and safety became paramount. As consumers were allowed to return to their favorite businesses, it became increasingly important that the companies they were visiting were clear on their health and safety precautions. In order to quell any concerns your customers may have about safety, plainly publish the measures you are taking to ensure their safety.

2. Socially-Conscious

Activism has made an impact this year, and companies who don’t take a stance are left in the dust. Show your customers your values, whether it is on widespread social issues or by making a difference in your local community. Becoming Accredited with the BBB explicitly illustrate that you are a trustworthy company built on integrity, honesty and transparency. Learn more about how to get Accredited here.

3. Personalized Communications

The modern consumer expects a much more personalized experience when working with a company, whether they are online or in person. How can you make every customer feel special? Personalize your communications so that you can market to your customers based on where they are with your brand.

4. At-Home Experience

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world have been spending more time at home. Even as businesses are starting to open their doors again, many consumers have gotten used to shopping from home and will likely continue to do so. Consumers want the experience to be as accessible and easy as an in-person shopping experience, and are looking for a way to feel just as welcome in your virtual storefront as they would in person.

5. Provide Value

Consumers are looking for brands that add value to their lives and to the world around them. Providing value goes beyond just promoting your product or service; it’s about having insightful content and conversations that push to a sale that then expands to a loyal customer base. The more you are concerned about their needs over your bottom line, the more you won’t have to worry about the latter.

Moving Ahead

If 2020 has taught business owners anything, it’s how to pivot. This year has been full of ups and downs, and business owners have taken these changes in stride. Small businesses have adapted and built a strong digital presence, which helps them to be present where their customers are. This ability to adapt will only continue to help in 2021, as you continue to improve, keeping your customers’ needs top of mind.


BBB encourages businesses to operate with integrity, and helps consumers make wise marketplace decisions. Our innovative approach to business growth provides the tools that companies and entrepreneurs need to build better businesses. Become BBB Accredited and join our mission to create a community of trust.

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Crucial funds allow small businesses to survive

Vulnerable small businesses, working families, women-owned businesses and communities of color continue to be severely impacted by COVID-19. In April, the Main St. Matters Grant Program was launched by Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) to support local businesses experiencing financial hardship. The program awarded 24 additional grants in September, totaling over 150 businesses with $145k distributed.

Nearly 1,350 applicants have applied to the Main St. Grant Program and are vetted through a three-tiered process. This includes verifying immediate need, history of upholding BBB Standards for Trust and length of time in business. Grant recipients are awarded a one-time grant of $500 or $1000 to provide support and financial relief to business owners. They have been immensely grateful and share crucial needs the funds will support.

Staying Alive

A pet sitting company who was a recipient of a grant, shared that he would use the money to “stay alive” as the pandemic has completely halted his business.

Paying Bills

“I’m going to use the grant money to pay my water bill to prevent it from being shut off this week,” shared a holistic wellness center owner.

BBB understands the hardships the pandemic has caused to Main St. businesses. The program has been made possible by company sponsors and individual donors from the community. Donations can be made directly online.

There’s Still Time to Apply

Awards will continue throughout the remainder of 2020. Small businesses that operate within BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest’s service area who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 pandemic may apply. Visit BBB’s website for application information and criteria.

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BBB Awards $40k to Arizona Nonprofits

Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) recently concluded their inaugural Empower By GoDaddy business incubator program. Twenty-eight entrepreneurs graduated from the program, and an additional eleven Arizona nonprofits were awarded subgrants to further their business development in the community.

Awardees were chosen as leaders in the business community and were funded to further their mission. Each nonprofit organization aligns with BBB’s mission for trust and integrity in the community. Several of the awarded nonprofits serve minority populations and BBB is pleased the funds will help amplify the work they are already doing.

Nonprofit organizations that serve underrepresented entrepreneurs and vulnerable communities are in critical need of funding now more than ever and BBB is proud to provide subgrants to help,” said Kimberly Roland, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneur Programs at BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest.

To fulfill the subgrant criteria, each nonprofit awardee will execute an initiative that supports their cause by the end of the year. A detailed report will be submitted to BBB describing the impact, key performance indicators, metrics, and lessons learned from the project.

We are so excited to receive a subgrant! The money allows us to offer five vulnerable youth internships to further their career and entrepreneur exploration by partnering with other businesses to provide training,” says Bethany Priebe, Cultivate Coffee/Crowd to Community cofounder.

2020 BBB Empower Arizona Subgrantees

For more information on BBB Entrepreneur and Business Innovation programs, contact For PR inquiries, contact

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Local Better Business Bureau Has Moved!!

During the recent COVID-19 crisis, many businesses temporarily closed as a safety precaution for their employees and customers. The local Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) in Lake Havasu City followed suit and is now on a path of reopening.

While uncertainty brought hardships to many, it also provided to be an opportunity for growth and new perspectives. BBB is excited to join the creative entrepreneurs in the F106 Co-Working Space in Lake Havasu City to further support our local small businesses.

BBB Regional Director Kryistyna Hook

Our economy is beginning to bustle with life again, so providing varying levels of support for businesses under one roof is a logical step forward. We’re excited to expand the BBB local presence and explore more options to help build better businesses for our community,” shares Kryistyna Hook, BBB Regional Director.

The collaboration with the Partnership for Economic Development (PED), owner of the co-working space, is another step forward in increasing support for local entrepreneurs. Other space-mates include companies offering visual design, social media, photography, videography, content creation, events programming, corporate education services, nutrition services, and more.

We are excited that BBB is moving into this space, as it compliments in so many ways our overall mission of helping businesses succeed at every level,” shares James Gray, PED Director.

Community collaboration has been a focus for Kryistyna since stepping into her BBB role last year. As a proud partner of the LHC Resource Alliance, along with other key organizations, funneling the proper support to businesses and citizens is crucial to a thriving community. Even through these uncertain times, BBB launched a small business grant program and quickly shifted to virtual programming including business start-up courses and educational summits.

Beginning in late August, or as it is safe to do so, BBB will begin accepting in-person meetings, by appointment only. Please contact Kryistyna Hook at 928.302.3701 or for details. F106 Co-Working Space is located at 1100 London Bridge Road, Suite F106 in Lake Havasu City.

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BBB Launches Main St. Matters

Life has taken a drastic turn in the wake of the current crisis, forcing small businesses to shift nearly every aspect of their daily functions. Behind each small business is a family, giving it their all, but still caught amidst compounding negative impact. Start-ups, hometown offerings, and Main Street shops comprise a significant economic footprint, so now is the time to extend a helping hand. Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest is proud to launch the BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program, designed to provide essential funding during this unprecedented time.

“Main Street businesses are the lifeblood of our economy,” says Matthew Fehling, President & CEO of BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest. “Their strong threads weave through the nation, tying communities together, and without them, everyone suffers. These businesses have supported BBB services for over 100 years, so being able to give back in a time of crucial need is an honor.”

BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest has taken an innovative approach to guide small and start-up ventures and their forward-thinking strategies focus on building ethical businesses from the ground up. Crucial funds provided by the BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program will ensure these businesses have a fighting chance. BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest is asking businesses to share their stories, and how the funding will assist in sustaining their mission.

Grant Program Details

● Open to small business, with priority given to those with 5-20 employees

● $500 or $1000 grant amounts will be awarded

● The grant is open to qualified small businesses that are in good standing with BBB and uphold BBB Standards for Trust. We will consider a company’s history of community involvement, including but not limited to, BBB accreditation.

● Businesses must operate in the BBB of the Pacific Southwest service area (Apache, Coconino, Gila, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pinal, Yavapai and Yuma Counties in AZ, and San Diego, Orange, and Imperial Counties in CA)

● Applicants must not have previously received relief or emergency funding, loan, award or grant resulting from the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

Read more for additional criteria and grant application.

The BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program is launching in partnership with Desert Financial Credit Union, who has contributed a generous, matching donation to the fund. In order to keep this momentum going, BBB of the Pacific Southwest is seeking additional donations to continue with the expected demand of the program. Reach out to get involved and support the BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program.

More Than Money: Wrap Around Benefits

The BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program is more than funding; it is a hand up to the most deserving businesses. Grant recipients will also receive a variety of educational resources, mentorship from industry leaders and other in-kind offerings to ensure continued stability and an open path towards success and progress. BBB of the Pacific Southwest daily webinars and a frequently updated resource page are available immediately to supply the latest information to help businesses navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

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