A Letter to the Class of 2020

From U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ)

To the class of 2020: whether you are a preschool, middle school, high school, or college graduate, congratulations on your achievements.

This may not be the graduation you imagined. It is certainly not the graduation that your family, your teachers, or your friends wanted either. But the hardships of this year can never diminish what you have accomplished. I hope that you will look back on this time and realize that in many ways, you have accomplished more.

Those of you finishing high school and college have gone without the rites of passage that the rest of us took for granted—no extended family gatherings, large ceremonies, or memorable photos in your caps and gowns. Instead, many of you may be worried for your family members or friends on the frontlines of COVID-19 or have lost someone you love to the virus. A great many households are also reeling from the difficult hardships of lost jobs and shuttered businesses or trying to cope with future plans derailed and dreams on hold.

Yet across Arizona, despite these unprecedented challenges, I have seen so many of you rise to the occasion. You have chipped in at home, you have helped your parents and watched younger siblings. You have kept up your classwork while doing extra chores. You have volunteered to help those less fortunate. You have thanked health care workers and delivery drivers and grocery store employees. Some of you have taken on these jobs yourselves.

Whether or not you have the opportunity to walk across a stage or stand during a packed commencement ceremony, you have earned your degree and all of the accolades that accompany it. The success you have achieved may even be more rewarding because it was more difficult to achieve. Looking back, I have certainly found that to be true for myself.

When I graduated from high school, the only parent I had applauding me was my mom; my dad had passed away when I was 12. When I graduated from the Air Force Academy, I didn’t know if I would ever achieve my dream of becoming a fighter pilot because the Air Force did not allow women to fly fighter jets. For months, I wasn’t sure that I could even become a pilot because I was technically a half inch too short. I had to fight to earn a waiver to attend pilot training, then I had to overcome a broken finger (fully functional hands are fairly crucial for flying a plane!).

It didn’t get any easier during pilot training. Among other things, pilots are strapped into a harness and dragged by a boat across open water to learn how to survive after ejecting. It also wasn’t easy as to be the very first woman in my new A-10 squadron, and there were definitely times when I wondered if I should quit.

But when things around me appeared dark and difficult, I would think back to some of the last words my father ever spoke to me. He said, “Make me proud.” I would remind myself of his words, and I would find a way to persevere.

In these dark and difficult times, my hope for you is to be inspired by someone who cares about you and to know that people all across our state are rooting for you to succeed. We believe in you. We want your future to be bright.

For a pilot, few things are more beautiful than when we break free of storm clouds and soar into the bright sunlight above. I trust and pray and confidently believe that you too can soar. By reaching this milestone, you have already begun that journey. You have made your families and your communities proud.

I am personally very proud of each and every one of you. Congratulations!

BBB Launches Main St. Matters

Life has taken a drastic turn in the wake of the current crisis, forcing small businesses to shift nearly every aspect of their daily functions. Behind each small business is a family, giving it their all, but still caught amidst compounding negative impact. Start-ups, hometown offerings, and Main Street shops comprise a significant economic footprint, so now is the time to extend a helping hand. Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest is proud to launch the BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program, designed to provide essential funding during this unprecedented time.

“Main Street businesses are the lifeblood of our economy,” says Matthew Fehling, President & CEO of BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest. “Their strong threads weave through the nation, tying communities together, and without them, everyone suffers. These businesses have supported BBB services for over 100 years, so being able to give back in a time of crucial need is an honor.”

BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest has taken an innovative approach to guide small and start-up ventures and their forward-thinking strategies focus on building ethical businesses from the ground up. Crucial funds provided by the BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program will ensure these businesses have a fighting chance. BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest is asking businesses to share their stories, and how the funding will assist in sustaining their mission.

Grant Program Details

● Open to small business, with priority given to those with 5-20 employees

● $500 or $1000 grant amounts will be awarded

● The grant is open to qualified small businesses that are in good standing with BBB and uphold BBB Standards for Trust. We will consider a company’s history of community involvement, including but not limited to, BBB accreditation.

● Businesses must operate in the BBB of the Pacific Southwest service area (Apache, Coconino, Gila, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pinal, Yavapai and Yuma Counties in AZ, and San Diego, Orange, and Imperial Counties in CA)

● Applicants must not have previously received relief or emergency funding, loan, award or grant resulting from the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

Read more for additional criteria and grant application.

The BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program is launching in partnership with Desert Financial Credit Union, who has contributed a generous, matching donation to the fund. In order to keep this momentum going, BBB of the Pacific Southwest is seeking additional donations to continue with the expected demand of the program. Reach out to get involved and support the BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program.

More Than Money: Wrap Around Benefits

The BBB Main St. Matters Grant Program is more than funding; it is a hand up to the most deserving businesses. Grant recipients will also receive a variety of educational resources, mentorship from industry leaders and other in-kind offerings to ensure continued stability and an open path towards success and progress. BBB of the Pacific Southwest daily webinars and a frequently updated resource page are available immediately to supply the latest information to help businesses navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

Reprinted by permission of the Better Business Bureau, © 2020.

Businesses: Navigating the Coronavirus Crisis

With the first confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Lake Havasu city, it’s more important for the public to remain calm, educated and prepared. Better Business Bureau (BBB) is committed to help business owners manage the current situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is currently disrupting supply chains, customers and the lives of employees. It’s important take proactive measures for the health and safety of everyone.

BBB recommends the following tips for businesses in handling customer, employee and business relations in light of coronavirus concerns:

Customer Relations

Maintain customer relationships. Communicate how your business is adjusting by promoting health safety while continuing to serve customer needs. You may wish to utilize social media posts and/or email blasts to keep your customers informed. Reassure them by making it a priority to let them know you and your employees are following a strict program of recommended health protocols.

Demonstrate commitment. Use simple tactics such as using hand sanitizer in front of your customers. Explain that you are taking this precaution to protect their health.

Use technology. Tools such as FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangouts are one way to reduce the need for “in person” meetings with customers or vendors. They also help reduce the exposure and spread of the virus.

Employee Relations

Set the example. Wash your hands. Sanitize high contact areas. Cover any cough or sneeze. Stay home if you have any flu or cold symptoms.

Minimize risk. Avoid shaking hands. Consider another type of friendly greeting and explain that shaking hands may contribute to the spread of the virus.

Set office expectations. Review human resource policies and communicate office expectations so everyone understands what they are to do or not do when working with co-workers. If employees are working from home, consider using social media, internal messaging and emails to keep them engaged and make them aware of any changes.

Educate employees. Beware of phishing emails, robocalls or text messages related to the coronavirus. Encourage them to report all suspicious activities to BBB Scam Tracker.

Business Relations

Maintain a positive reputation. Refrain from doing anything that looks like your business is taking advantage of the crisis. Do your best to keep prices, services and business as usual with provisions to prevent the virus from spreading.

Promote honesty. This is the time to act as a calming and reassuring partner to your customers, vendors and employees – not fuel unfounded fears. Continue advertising your company’s services and consider adding a reference to the public health protocols you are taking to stem the spread of the virus.

Be realistic. Be honest with customers regarding timelines and product availability. Stay in contact with vendors. Set realistic expectations if your delivery or service is impacted by illness or precautions. Many customers will understand and respect the actions your business is taking, and appreciate you taking the situation seriously.

Communicate effectively. Communicate immediately with your customers if you’re unable to fulfill commitments rather than upsetting or disappointing them.

Stay informed. Demonstrate purpose and support for your community. Stay up to date on the latest information by following reliable sources of information: Federal Trade Commission, Centers for Disease Control, U.S. State Department Travel Advisories, Department of Labor, and World Health Organization.

For more information or to schedule an interview with a BBB spokesperson, please contact Kryistyna Hook at 928.302.3701 or kryistyna.hook@@bbbcommunity.org. For more information regarding hoe BBB is supporting businesses throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, visit https://www.bbb.org/coronavirus-business/ and BBB.org/Coronavirus.

Reprinted with permission of Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific Southwest, Copyright 2020.

Lake Havasu Hospitality Association COVID-19 Information Update

Mayor Sheehy Declares Existence of a Local Emergency.
Here is the information regarding this.

  1. Asking us, the citizens of Lake Havasu to Follow the guidelines provided by the CDC for social distancing, avoiding groups of 10 or more people, practice good personal hygiene by washing your hands regularly and covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing and stay at home when it’s an option.  The focus is to flatten he spread of COVID 19 and to stop the spread of this virus and keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed and maximize available funding.
  2. All restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee houses, retail food facilities, and other similar business and establishments are asked to take measures to implement social distancing and increase the use of delivery service, drive through service, pick up delivery, drive through window service and use precautions in doing so to prevent the possible exposure of COVID-19.
  3. The mayor has been in contact with Governor Ducey, Senator McSally, and Senator Sinema’s office to push for small business support during this time.
  4. Supply chains have confirmed they are intact.
  5. Remain calm and do not over purchase so everyone may get the needed supplies they require.


Radio Central urges everyone to remain calm and practice good hygiene and social distancing. We will make it through this. Thank you.