Leadership Lake Havasu 2019 Program

Leadership Lake Havasu

Leadership Lake Havasu is currently accepting applications for the 2018/2019 program.  Interested candidates must complete an application, and will be scheduled for an interview during the program Orientation in August.

Leadership Lake Havasu selects 30 talented and emerging leaders for a 9-month community immersion experience. The class gains insight, inspiration and valuable knowledge while building strong relationships with each other and a broad network of community leaders.

Graduates often see beyond their own spheres of influence to the broader needs of the community and are empowered to heighten their efforts to make Lake Havasu City even better.

Our graduates mark it among the most significant learning experiences of their professional life; and join our vibrant and active alumni with a richer perspective of community leadership.

The program runs from September through May, and the class spends one day per month exploring ideas, learning about our assets, and building strong relationships throughout the Havasu area. The class will also plan, organize and execute a fundraiser to be held in the month of April.

Leadership Lake Havasu is a signature program of the Lake Havasu Chamber Foundation for Education and Leadership.

Tuition is $675 for Chamber members and $925 for non-members. Partial scholarships may be available on a limited basis.  Applications are available online at www.havasuchamber.com and are due by July 31.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Lip Sync Challenge

A new video featuring the top three officials in the Mohave County Sheriff’s office has gone viral on social media. Sheriff Doug Schuster takes the lead role in lip-syncing Johnny Horton’s Battle of New Orleans song released in 1959.

With toilet plungers stuffed over the nozzles of their rifles, Chief Sheriff’s deputy Dean McKie and Undersheriff Ed Trafecanty join Sheriff Schuster in a lip-sync video performance that runs a little more than three minutes.

 “Believe it or not, looking at our stellar dance moves there was no choreographed movement whatsoever. It was completely contemporaneous,” the Sheriff said.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Anita Mortensen said the “lip-synch challenge” videos featuring law enforcement officers are popping up all across the country. She says there’s no fundraising associated and that it’s just officers of different ranks from different agencies enjoying some good natured fun.

Schuster said the video drew 2-million views in the first 16 hours it was posted.

“It’s crazy. I’ve got family back east. I’ve got people calling me from all over the place,” Schuster said. “It’s refreshing to know and shocking to see how many people viewed that little video.”

Mortensen said some of the agencies that make the videos challenges other agencies to do the same. And Sheriff Schuster has laid down the gauntlet challenging heads of other local law enforcement agencies to get their creative juices flowing.

Schuster said he has high expectations for his former high school pal, Bullhead City police Chief Brian Williamson. “He actually has a tremendous sense of humor so if he picks the right song I see him turning out a very cool product,” Schuster said.

Deputy Kingman police chief Rusty Cooper said he enjoyed the Sheriff’s trio and credited them with a job well done.

 “I was awfully entertained by it,” said Kingman DPS commander Jamie Clark said of the video. “I don’t know that we’ll do one, but we’ll wait and see.”

“We enjoyed it. It was actually a lot of fun. And what I like about it is that it shows the other side of the department,” Schuster said. “We have changed the culture at the sheriff’s office. We’re all about interacting with the public and this was great because it shows the average person that we’re just people. We’re trying to do the best job we can but we like to have fun too. It’s a win-win for us.”

Officer Involved Shooting Investigation – Kingman



On 07/01/18 at approximately 9:49 PM, Kingman Police received a report of an armed robbery in progress at 3665 E Andy Devine Avenue, a Dollar General Store. Police were advised that there were two suspects, and that they robbed the store at gunpoint and left. Officer Mike Morris, a three year veteran of Kingman Police Department, was the first officer to arrive. He observed a white truck with one person next to at the corner of Sunshine and Horizon. Officer Morris was coming to a stop when the suspect started shooting into his vehicle. The suspect engaged Officer Morris with an AR-15 style rifle that had a bump stock affixed, firing numerous rounds. A short time later, Officer Adam Simonsen, a nine year veteran of Kingman Police Department, arrived to the scene. The suspect turned his attention on Officer Simonsen and fired several rounds at him. Both Officers returned fire with their pistols, and the suspect was shot in the face. The suspect then fled the area on foot and was located at the corner or Airway and Andy Devine. Other Officers with Kingman Police Department deployed a Taser and had to physically restrain the suspect. The suspect was identified as Anthony Axton, 32 years old, of Kingman. Anthony Axton was transported by medical
personnel to Las Vegas. Axton is currently in the custody of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. It was later determined that Axton fired a total of 45 rounds at the officers. Anthony Axton was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, armed robbery, aggravated robbery, and misconduct involving weapons. The other suspect involved in the robbery was identified as Francis William Allison, 58 years old, of Kingman. Francis fled the scene on foot and was not involved in the gunfight with officers. Francis Allison was apprehended on 07/03/18 by Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Detectives after a brief standoff took place in the 3500 block of Lum Avenue. Allison surrendered without incident and was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, armed robbery, aggravated robbery, and misconduct involving weapons. Both suspects were wearing body armor during the commission of the crime. It is believed that these two suspects, as well as Preston Earl Milks, 25 years old, of Kingman were involved in multiple robberies and burglaries inside Kingman city limits and in Mohave County. These crimes involved breaking into businesses and restraining employees to commit their robberies. More charges related to the other criminal events will be forthcoming as the investigation continues. Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the shooting investigation, and MCSO and Kingman Police Department are working together for the investigations of the other crimes being committed by the three suspects.

Sheriff Schuster had this to say. “I am very relieved that the officers and any potential bystanders were not injured during this heinous and deadly attack. This thug ambushed two law enforcement officers with the full intent of taking their lives. He should consider himself lucky to be upright and taking air as far as I’m concerned” Schuster said. “In addition, this small group of armed and dangerous thugs have been terrorizing our citizens for some time. I am thankful that these dangerous criminals will no longer pose a threat to our communities and we will ensure that every effort is made to aid in the prosecution and conviction of each
one of them”.

Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster Presented A Lifesaving Award To Sherry King


On Monday (7/2), Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster presented a Lifesaving Award to Sherry King, a 70 year old Littlefield, AZ resident. King is being credited with saving the life of a Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Deputy on April 27, 2018. On that day, while a suspect was being restrained, a struggle ensued with the deputy. During the struggle, the suspect was able to take possession of the deputy’s taser, but was not able to deploy it. The suspect then began reaching for the deputy’s weapon, when King jumped in and attempted to assist the deputy, but was assaulted and shoved away by the suspect. King then fired a warning shot from her own weapon, and the suspect fled the scene on foot. After the award was presented, King received a standing ovation from all in attendance. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office wants to express our gratitude to Sherry King for her quick thinking and courageous actions, which ultimately saved the life of a young deputy.

Volunteer Posse Graduates – Kingman


On Wednesday (6/27), Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster congratulated and swore in Sheriff’s Volunteer Posse members. The graduates completed a volunteer training academy held at the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Doug Schuster swore in 8 new graduates; Kevin Curran, Cheri Williams, Kiara Sanchez, Dennis Rogers, Ralph McKie, Richard Terrien, Steve Kaminski, and William Gleason. The academy participants underwent a 32 hour class, and after graduating, volunteers will complete 40 additional training hours in the field with Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Posse Field Training Officers.

Class participants attended Defensive Driving courses as well as attending prisoner restraint and transport classes. Volunteers are utilized in many areas such as; boating safety, community policing and crime prevention, animal control, computer data entry, dispatch operations, corrections and prisoner
transportation, record keeping and research, radio communications, and neighborhood safety patrols. Anyone interested should contact their local Mohave County Sheriff’s Office to pick-up an application, or contact Sergeant Kyler Cox at (928) 453-0745.

From left to right: Kevin Curran, Cheri Williams, Kiara Sanchez, Dennis Rogers, Ralph McKie, Richard Terrien, Steve Kaminski, William Gleason, and Sheriff Doug Schuster.

Governor Makes Campaign Stop In Havasu

Today’s News-Herald: Governor makes campaign stop in Havasu

After announcing his bid for re-election Monday, Gov. Doug Ducey set off on a statewide campaign tour that included a stop in Lake Havasu City Friday.

Ducey shook hands and listen to voters concerns during several stops that included the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9401, Sam’s Shooters Emporium and various downtown businesses.

Although Ducey’s trip to Havasu came during one of the hottest days so far this summer, the governor seemed pleased to be in town. His last trip to Havasu was 2014 during his first run for the state’s highest office.

The message this election is continuing to provide opportunity for everyone.

“We’ve got a state that is growing,” Ducey said. “We’ve got people coming here from around the country and around the world, so we want to make sure we secure Arizona’s future, economically and at our border. We also need safer schools and safer neighborhoods.”

Despite having his critics, Ducey has made headway on several of his initiatives.

In his first year as governor, he took a $1 billion deficit and balanced the budget, without raising taxes. In K-12 education funding, although there is a long way to go to fix what many say is woefully inadequate Ducey has added nearly $2.7 billion to Arizona public schools.

Ducey has also cut regulations with the goal to stimulate job growth, as well as reformed and simplified the state’s tax code. In addition, Ducey launched Arizona’s Border Strike Force, to enhance security along Arizona’s southern border and stop the flow of cartels and human traffickers.

“We’ve got a place where people are proud to live and we want to keep heading in the right direction, and a growing economy,” he said. “We are a state that embraces entrepreneurship, that has K-12 education improving, and that has a wonderful relationship with Mexico, while having a secure border.”

Of keen interest to Ducey is balancing the water needs of rural Arizona communities, especially those along the Colorado River, against metropolitan communities in Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties.

“I want to see Arizona speak with one voice on water,” he said. “There’s more to do in our legislative cycle. I’m going to make sure that life in rural counties is protected, while we have ample water all across our state.

MCSO Press Release June 18, 2018


Today, Brian Stock and Taylor Nelson were recognized as valuable members of the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office continues to grow in a positive and healthy direction and as such needs competent, reliable, and seasoned leaders. Leaders who understand our mission statement and excel in interpersonal relationships not only with their subordinates, but the general public as well.

Brian Stock has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Sergeant Stock has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 12 years and continues to demonstrate a strong working knowledge of the job. We have great confidence in him and believe he will excel in his new role.

Taylor Nelson has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Nelson has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 8 years and was previously promoted to the rank of Sergeant in January 2015. Lieutenant Nelson has proven to be a valuable asset to our office and has demonstrated the leadership qualities necessary to perform at the highest of levels.